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Tales of Mystery, Magic and Myth


New Tales of Old – Volume One

Raven & Drake Publishing

Everybody loves a good tale of old. From the fairy-tales of Grimm to Greek and Norse mythology. And even the more obscure local legends from all around the world.

In New Tales of Old an abundance of writers take some of their favourite tales of old and put their own unique twist on them. Throughout these pages you will find a Snow White working as a stripper, an ugly duckling who tasted the rainbow, a Cinderella who had a nervous breakdown and many more.

So join us for a trip down the rabbit hole, on an adventure past the second star to the right and past that troll bridge—the one with the monster living underneath.

Includes ‘The Singer Not the Song’ by Jeff Clulow.

Hardback, paperback and Ebook available at Amazon.


New Tales of Old – Volume Two

Raven & Drake Publishing

They have run through our nightmares and mythology since the dawn of time.

We’ve always been fascinated by wolves.

We are drawn to the fairy-tales and horror stories of their predatory nature, their need for society and the dark similarities they share with us. They are the beast inside, the primal part of our own nature which must be tamed, yet is often set loose.

In this anthology, a cast of international writers takes the wolf-stories we all know and love, then turn them into something new.

Here, you’ll recognise new versions of Little Red Riding Hood, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and The Three Little Pigs. The stories are the same, yet, like the werewolves of legend, they have changed, shapeshifted into a new and stranger form.

Includes ‘The Storytellers’ by Jeff Clulow.


Branch and Root – The Anthology of the Trees

Shooting Star Press

A select group of premier horror and spec fic writers ponder the trees, and their places in our lives.

13 tales of trees gathered together in one volume and printed on the very bark and flesh of the forest. Horror, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, life and death are all here. Visit with the trees… if you dare…

Includes ‘The Wailing Tree’ by Jeff Clulow.

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